The Korean Actress That’s Dubbed “Someone No Man Can Dislike”

Do you agree?

When it comes to the member of the preferred opposite gender, the scale is pretty big. From cute to sexy, to innocent or smart, everyone has different tastes!

Men (and women!) have been known to fawn over cutie-sexy types like TWICE‘s Sana

…while Suzy remains iconic as the nation’s first love.

But this one actress has managed to transcend all age and tastes to capture the hearts of every single man in South Korea! A community site post named Park Bo Young as the sole female celebrity that no man dislikes.

Not only is she a natural beauty, her features are round and lovely. Although she possesses more Eastern features such as single eyelids and a small button nose, they are prominent and harmonious.

More than anything, her cute disposition makes everyone fall for her!

Everyone in the comments couldn’t help but agree.

| theqoo
  • “cute”
  • “that’s right, that’s right. She’s most people’s ideal type.”
  • “I’ve truly never seen anyone dislike Park Bo Young and Han Ji Min.”
  • “I’ve really never seen anyone dislike her my whole life”
  • “so true”
  • “As I scrolled down, my cheekbones and lips shot up. She’s so lovely.”
  • “Gasp, I’ve really never seen it. Who would dislike Park Bo Young?”
  • I want to refute but it’s true.”

What can we say? The girl is as lovely as anyone can be!

Source: theqoo
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