Fans are convinced Park Hyung Sik is in love with Park Bo Young after seeing this

Park Hyung Sik found it difficult to stay in character while acting with the adorable actress!

On February 17, JTBC Drama broadcasted a preview of the upcoming drama, Strong Woman Do Bong-Soon. During the broadcast, some cuts of the behind-the-scenes footage were shown. Through the clips, viewers were able to see actress Park Bo Young and idol-actor Park Hyung Sik’s good chemistry with each other on set.

In some of the stills, Park Hyung Sik, who recently finished work on the wildly popular Hwarang, seemed to have fallen for his co-star, who is naturally full of aegyo, as he can’t stop smiling whenever he looks at her.

Check out the pairs unparalleled chemistry in these GIFs below!

Their relationship is especially apparent in one scene where Park Bo Young’s character, Bong Soon, lightly poked Park Hyung Sik’s face. Park Hyung Sik’s character was supposed to be annoyed, but Park Bo Young’s cuteness forced him to break into a smile. He caught himself quickly as he realized that he went completely out of character.

On several other occasions, the camera caught him looking at the lovable actress with utter adoration.

He’s comfortable with sharing some intimate moments with her too!

The two are adorable even when on standby and naturally have a strong rapport.

Park Bo Young is known to be very playful as well, so the two get along perfectly.

While filming a wrestling scene, Park Bo Young accidentally kicked Park Hyung Sik’s head and she apologized to him while trying to hold in her laughter. Park Hyung Sik teased her by telling the staff and imitating how she kicked him ruthlessly.

Even at the drama’s press conference, Park Hyung Sik was seen stroking Park Bo Young’s head affectionately.

With such a close relationship between the two, their acting together is certain to be incredible. Strong Woman Do Bong-Soon will air every Friday and Saturday on JTBC starting February 24, so be sure to check it out then!