“Boys Over Flowers” Actor Park Ji Bin Is Now 27…. And We Can’t Believe How Much He’s Changed

He also talks about the female celebrities he’s close with.

Most of us would remember Park Ji Bin from his iconic role in Boys Over Flowers as Geum Jan Di‘s younger brother.

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The series aired in 2009, making it a whopping 12 years ago! While he was a mere middle-schooler back then, he’s now 27 years old (Korean age). He even finished his mandatory military service! He recently did a pictorial with BNT magazine, showing off his mature side.

What a total oppa!

Although his features look exactly the same, we can’t deny how mature he has gotten.

He even shared that he’s close to many female celebrities such as AKMU‘s Suhyun and actresses Kim Sae Ron and Kim Bo Ra.

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He also revealed that since he is growing older, he’s thinking about the future. Park Ji Bin wishes to show the public more sides of himself, and he is consistently making efforts to do so. Rather than any particular role he wants to try out, Park Ji Bin merely wants to show off deeper acting.

It’s been a while since we last saw the actor. His last drama was Big Issue in 2019.



Source: Star Today