Park Jihoon Was A Deadly Mix Of Cute And Sexy At The Boryeong Mud Festival

Can we get a little warning next time Jihoon? We need to prepare our hearts!

On July 27, Park Jihoon performed at the 22nd Boryeong Mud Festival K-Pop Super Concert — Music Core. And when he took the stage to perform his hit “L.O.V.E”, absolutely no one was ready!


Dressed in a white mesh tank top with a thin white button-up over the top and black pants, Jihoon’s deadly duality was on full display.


Park Jihoon attacked fans right and left not only with his smooth moves…


But also by amping up the sexiness…


And yet still showing off his cute side too!


Although Jihoon might have been ambushing everyone with his serious visuals, absolutely no one was complaining.


Even if everyone was still having a hard time because his deadly duality was on full display.


His visuals were so off the charts that some fans even commented that they thought his visuals were so surreal they couldn’t possibly be real!


With his stunning visuals and jaw-dropping talent shining brighter than the sun at the festival, it’s no surprise at all that Jihoon successfully stole everyone’s heart and left them feeling absolutely breathless.

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