Park Jihoon Isn’t Afraid Of Showering His Fans With Love And Devotion, And This Proves It

He loves his fans.

Park Jihoon is being praised for how he shows how much he loves and adores his fans, and this action proves how devoted he is to them.

During one of Park Jihoon’s appearance on a music show, he prepared a food truck for fans waiting outside in the cold. The food truck made coffee and tea to keep fans warm.

I want to start the days with MAYs in the morning CAFE.

For a fan meeting, Park Jihoon prepared another food truck. This time, he made tteokbokki (rice cake), sausages, and odeng (fish cake).

360 Degree eye contact with MAYs, hurry up!

With that, he also prepared plushies and tote bags for the fans.

He even autographed 500 tote bags for the fans, making sure that each fan gets to go home with one! Isn’t he the sweetest?

Park Jihoon is not afraid of showing off how much he loves his fans and is willing to go the extra mile to show off his adoration for his supporters. Get you a man like Park Jihoon!

Source: Pann

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