Park Jihoon Is Being Praised For How Perfect He Is In His Drama

He’s perfect for the role.

Recently, former WANNA ONE member Park Jihoon made his acting debut in the drama Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency. As people continue to watch the drama, they can’t help but praise Jihoon for his ability to digest the character, with many noting that the role was practically made for him.

He plays Go Young Soo, an image consultant. Like Park Jihoon IRL, Go Young Soo is bubbly and cute. As the idol became famous for his aegyo during his time in Produce 101 Season 2, it’s perfect for him!

Fans also commend Park Jihoon was able to challenge themselves, saying that he was also able to show a more serious side to him. Previously, as a member of WANNA ONE, Park Jihoon had voiced his desire to appear more serious and tough. People believe he was able to achieve that.


Fans are excited to see more Jihoon and his acting career, hoping that the idol-actor will be able to show-off more of his talents and skills with more new dramas in the upcoming years.


Source: TheQoo

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