This Is The Sexiest Body Part Of Park Jihoon As Voted By Wanna One

So dreamy.

Wanna One once voted Park Jihoon as the sexiest member of their group for one specific body part.

After Jihoon received the most votes on stage for being the sexiest member, Minhyun confessed to his reasoning.

I see his eyes and I just think he has sexy eyes.

— Minhyun

Jaehwan admits he chose Jihoon for his eyes, too, and thinks they are the most attractive while he concentrates on video games.

The members agree that watching his eyes stay focused is sexy.

He seems so sexy at that moment [when he loses a game].

— Seongwu

Jihoon’s sexy focused look emerged during the 2020 ISAC where his intense glare made fans melt.

When his eyes are focused on something, it’s very powerful.

— Jaehwan

This look emerges when Jihoon focuses on anything, including performing on stage.

His eyes also helped him rise to popularity at the beginning of Produce 101 Season 2 after he became known as “Wink Boy” and captured fans’ hearts with his eyes.

Jihoon tried to imitate his own intense look in his eyes when he loses the game, but his recreation was just too cute.

What do you think of Jihoon’s eyes? Hypnotizing and sexy or totally adorable?

Wanna One

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