Park Jimin Called Out JYP For Not Allowing Her To Sing… And Now She’s Back

The female Park Jimin is back…. after some vocal complaints!

You may know Park Jimin (also known as Jamie) from the live request music show After School Club, which she co-hosts with Stray KidsSeungmin and former American Idol contestant Han Heejun.


Of course, you might also know that she won the very first season of K-Pop Star in 2011, and signed with JYP Entertainment debuting with the duo 15&.


She also has a very successful solo career, including collaborations with Eric NamSeungyoun of UNIQ and rapper Nathan (under project group M.O.L.A).


Her first EP was released in 2016, but for two years she didn’t produce any music – and Park Jimin called JYP out on it earlier this year!


During an episode of ASC in which Kevin Woo and DAY6‘s Jae co-hosted with Park Jimin, they began talking about their new year’s resolutions – and Jimin interrupted Kevin to vent her frustration with Park Jin Young.


Kevin started first by saying, “I want to release more music.” Hearing this, Park Jimin shouted, “JYP!!! Are you listening?? I need to sing! I’m a singer. So that’s why I need an album. You know what I mean? I haven’t released a song in at least a year. Are you listening? I need a song.”


The other hosts were startled and tried to calm her down, but she persisted.

“I need a song. I need an album. You listening? I’m a singer. I have to sing. But I don’t sing. I’m MC-ing. What is that?” — Park Jimin


Now she’s back with a new EP, called jiminxjamie, and killing it with her title track “April Fools”.


Fans are super excited about her comeback after almost two years of musical silence.

  • “Bruh FINALLY! I have been waiting years for Jimin to get a comeback! Gonna support this all they way so JYP will keep giving her more!”
  • “I’ve never been so excited for a comeback.”
  • “She deserves better, she is a great artist.”
  • “She’s a voice that can’t be held, JYP set her free, release music constantly… Listening to her is a pleasure, what a voice and that personality in this MV tho.”
  • “JYP finally listen to her MA GURL IS FINALLY SINGING!!”


It seems her plea on live TV got the reaction she wanted from her record label!