Park Jinyoung’s Childhood Photos Hilariously Show He Hasn’t Changed One Bit

Consistent since Day 1 😂

JYP Entertainment CEO Park Jinyoung has distinct facial features you won’t typically see in another person. Turns out, he’s always looked that way.

Rare childhood photos of him can be found on the internet, and they do not disappoint.

In one picture, Park Jinyoung is seen putting his arm around a younger boy as they smile for the camera. His eye smile and rounded face are enough proof to know that it truly is him.

In another photo, a netizen compiled baby pictures of the “Big Three” CEOs, consisting of Park Jinyoung, Lee Soo Man, and Yang Hyun Suk.

Like the previous picture, Park Jinyoung looks exactly the same as he does now. He even looks the same in his 1994 solo debut with the song “Don’t Leave Me”. 

This is how he looks now. Do you agree that he looks the same then and now?