Park Myung Hoon and His Father Got to Watch “Parasite” Before Anyone Else Thanks to Bong Joon Ho’s Big Heart

Just another reason to love Bong Joon Ho.

If you’ve watched the world-famous Korean film, Parasite, you probably know Park Myung Hoon, who played the role of the housekeeper, Moon Kwang’s (Lee Jung Eun) husband, who ended up having to live in a secret basement below the wealthy family’s house.

But what’s gaining particular attention is the fact that Park Myung Hoon and his father were actually the very first people in the world to watch Parasite before it was released.

And the reason for it is beyond touching.

Park Myung Hoon revealed on JTBC’s Let’s Eat Dinner Together that his father was diagnosed with lung cancer, and because he was very ill, director Bong Joon Ho arranged for them to watch it earlier than everyone else.

My father is an absolute film maniac, but he’s suffering from lung cancer. He was bedridden at the time, and thanks to director Bong Joon Ho’s consideration, we got to watch it earlier than everyone else. It was a very small theatre, but we got to be the first viewers of the film.

– Park Myung Hoon

Park Myung Hoon expressed his sincere gratitude to the director, for if his father had seen it any later, he wouldn’t have been able to see it clearly.

At the time, he still had good eyesight. But now, he can barely see anything in front of him. I’m so thankful that director Bong Joon Ho let us watch it beforehand.

– Park Myung Hoon

Ahead of this confession, Park Myung Hoon talked to the Korean media outlet, Newsen about this story as well.

Thanks to director Bong Joon Ho’s consideration, my father and I got to watch the film first when it was very important that nothing about the film leaked out before its release. When my father shook director Bong Joon Ho’s hand, he sincerely thanked him.

– Park Myung Hoon

Fans are responding to this news with great admiration through comments such as “Bong Joon Ho is such a good person“, “There’s a reason why he’s so successful now“, and “Bong Joon Ho is the definition of morality“.

Source: Insight