Park Myung Soo Opens up About How He Suffered From Severe Bullying Back in His School Days

He even suffered from anxiety as a result.

On the most recent broadcast of Park Myung Soo’s Radio Show, Park Myung Soo surprised listeners by confessing that he suffered from severe bullying when he was in school.

During a chat with broadcaster, Eva, and comedian, Park Young Jin, Park Myung Soo shared the Tibetan saying,

If it’s a problem that’s been solved, there’s no need to worry about it. And if there’s no solution to the problem, there’s no use in worrying about it.

– Park Myung Soo

And when Eva expressed that there was a similar saying in Russian, Park Myung Soo sympathized but also confessed that he suffers from anxiety.

The reason being, his past experience with bullying.


Park Myung Soo explained,

I was always worried in middle and high school because I was scared the other kids would hit me. When they told me to see them after class, I was anxious all the way until the end of class.

– Park Myung Soo

He continued,

That’s when I began suffering from anxiety. That kid forgot about it by the time class ended, but I was so anxious about getting beat up that I couldn’t focus in class.

– Park Myung Soo

In a 2015 broadcast of Serial Shopping Family, Park Myung Soo stressed the importance of learning Taekwondo at a young age and explained,

I got beat up a lot when I was in school. If you learn Taekwondo, you can protect your mom, dad, and woman.

– Park Myung Soo

On various other shows, Park Myung Soo confessed numerous times that he was considered a loser in school and that he was very well-aware of students’ pain.

Listeners who heard Park Myung Soo’s story for the first time praised him for overcoming his hardships and becoming one of the most well-known celebrities in Korean entertainment.

Source: Insight