Park Myung Soo Jokingly Asks Jessica Jung To Pay For Lunch Since She’s “Rich”

“Can you pay for this?”

The naengmyun couple has been reunited and we couldn’t be more excited! Jessica Jung (commonly known as Jessica) recently made a guest appearance on Park Myung Soo‘s JTBC YouTube show, Hal Myung Soo and the duo brought endless laughter.

Jessica Jung (left), Park Myung Soo (right) | @jessica.syj/Instagram

They met up at the Minsok Village (Korean Folk Village), which is a tourist attraction that features traditional Korean housing, lifestyle, and culture. Park Myung Soo arrived at the location first, where he goes to an eatery upon arrival to look up traditional Korean cuisine. Jessica arrives shortly after, which is where the the hilarity ensues.

The duo begins to order all the food that their hearts’ desired. Naturally, they order naengmyun, which coincidently aligns with their former duet song that shares the same name.

Jessica: “I want mul-naengmyun (cold noodles.)”
Park Myung Soo
: “Do you want any mung bean pancakes?”
Jessica: “Let’s get kimchi pancakes! Mak-geol-li (Korean rice wine)?”
Park Myung Soo: “We can’t get mak-geol-li.”

It was after they ordered all of the food that Park Myung Soo jokingly asks Jessica to pay for their meal because of a rumor he had heard.

| @HalMyungSoo/YouTube

I heard rumors that you were really rich so can you pay for this?

— Park Myung Soo

The two ventured off to find a dining area after they had ordered their meals. They showed off their close relationship as they bickered constantly throughout the episode. During their back and forth, Park Myung Soo “confronted” Jessica about her true feelings about their former duet track, “Naengmyun.”

| @HalMyungSoo/YouTube

Remember in the past when we were doing ‘Naengmyun’ and you hated promoting it? We need to talk about that today.

— Park Myung Soo

After settling down with their food at a dining area, Park Myung Soo and Jessica dove into a discussion about their “Naengmyun” days. The comedian asked the former girl group member how she truly felt about their former promotions. It was here that Jessica admitted that Park Myung Soo’s “bad” singing helped out their rankings.

Jessica: “You played a huge role.”
Park Myung Soo: “You weren’t grateful to me or had any thoughts like that?”
Jessica: “I think I could have been thankful that you did bad next to me.”

However, Jessica explained her previous comment by sharing that in her personal opinion, the song did exceptionally well because it wasn’t perfect.

Jessica: “It’s because if we were too perfect? It wouldn’t have been as good.”
Park Myung Soo: “The song did well though, right? The song did well. My singing was decent enough, right?”
Jessica: “You weren’t bad at all!”

Jessica wasn’t done trolling Park Myung Soo as she jokingly shared that she wished she could have sang “Naengmyun” with Yoo Jae Suk instead of Park Myung Soo, which erupted the filming studio into laughter.

I think if I sang it with Jae Suk oppa, it would have done slightly better in my opinion.

— Jessica

The hilarious relationship that these two share never gets old! You can watch Jessica Jung savagely roast Park Myung Soo on the most recent episode of Hal Myung Soo down below.