Park Na Rae’s Hilariously Emotional Acceptance Speech Will Make You Laugh And Cry With Her Too

A true comedian she is!

On December 29, 2019, comedian Park Na Rae won Grand Prize at MBC‘s 2019 MBC Entertainment Awards. During her acceptance speech, she became completely emotional about her accomplishment — but her comedian spirit didn’t let her cry her way off the stage.


As the previous year’s winner comedian Lee Young Ja got up on the stage to announce this year’s winner, Park Na Rae seemed nervous as she clenched her friend Kian84‘s hand.


As one of MBC’s most prominent show hosts of 2019 — to have successfully led hit shows like I Live Alone and Where Is My Home? — Park Na Rae has been anticipated to win grand prize this year. Yet, though this was her third year being nominated, Park Na Rae had her doubts.


When Lee Young Ja finally called out her name, Park Na Rae broke down in tears of pure excitement and accomplishment. In this moment, the look on her face outshined her bright neon dress! She was entirely taken over by all the feelings — and viewers became emotional AF too.


As her costars and viewers all congratulated Park Na Rae, she began mumbling what is the most human and down-to-Earth acceptance speech in the history of all awards shows. And while it was 100% heartfelt and full of emotions, something about it kept the audience and the viewers giggling too!

I never really thought this award was within my reach… but boy, have I wanted to win this for a long time. I’m only human too, you know?

— Park Na Rae


She thanked her loved ones — including her comedian best friends, who also shed tears of happiness for Park Na Rae’s stellar accomplishment. She shared how they’ll be celebrating the occasion!

And my friends Jang Do Yeon and Yang Se Hyung and… Why are you guys crying! Please don’t cry. Let’s all go drinking tomorrow. I’ll buy!

— Park Na Rae


Finally, upon promising to become a better comedian who spreads positivity and good influence, Park Na Rae wrapped up the show while keeping her promise to spin on stage if she wins Grand Prize. And the viewers knew right this moment, Park Na Rae was born to make people laugh — no matter what, when, and where.


Congratulations, Park Na Rae! We look forward to sharing more laughs with you in 2020.

Watch her acceptance speech here: