Park Seo Joon and Woo Do Hwan Bond in an Online Exchange About Their Short Hair

They’re just a couple of bros with short hair in cold weather.

Woo Do Hwan recently shared multiple selfies of himself with a new short do on his official Instagram account along with the caption, “Dress warmly, everyone.

Woo Do Hwan is typically known for his longer hairstyles, but he recently cut it short, revealing his handsome face.

But what drew just as much attention was the comments that Park Seo Joon left on the photos.

After seeing Woo Do Hwan’s new do, Park Seo Joon commented, “Wow, finally. Your hair.

In response, Woo Do Hwan replied, “It’s a little cold” to which Park Seo Joon joked, “My hair is even colder.

Just like Woo Do Hwan, Park Seo Joon also recently cut his hair short, but it’s even shorter than Woo Do Hwan, which explains the comment he left.

What can’t be denied is the fact that both handsome actors are looking fine with their new short hair.

Source: Dispatch