“Semantic Error” Park Seoham Once Made A Lucky Fan Melt By Sharing His Perfume With Her

We’d faint on spot.

Semantic Error‘s success has shot idol-turned-actor Park Seoham to fame. Although he left for the military in March 2022, fans are still steadily gathering in troves. The BL webdrama was a hot topic for weeks after the finale mid-March 2022. Park Seoham’s hot physique and handsome looks gained him more fans than he had ever seen during his term as part of idol group KNK. As new fans flock to him, his older moments as an idol are being revisited.

During a fansign back in the day, Park Seoham made a lucky fan’s heart melt with his actions. The fan had complimented him on his perfume but she herself was unfamiliar with scents. He let her sniff the perfume on his wrist with a sweet smile on his face.

| @bokbu_in/Twitter 

Later on, as she lamented that she did not spray any perfume that day, he offered to share his with her. You might be wondering, how the hell is he going to do that? Did he bring his perfume spray with him? What actually happened is way more heart-fluttering than that. He took her wrist and rubbed his against hers to share his perfume with her!

| @bokbu_in/Twitter

He later even tried to recommend a perfume for her according to her image. He suggested a baby powder-scented one for her. What a sweet guy! No wonder fans love him so. Check out the sweet interaction.

While you might not be able to attend Park Seoham’s fansigns until he gets discharged around 2024, you can relive his idol days with a fancam below.