Here’s Why Park So Hyun Cried Harder Than Oh My Girl When They Topped the Music Chart

Park So Hyun cried as if she was the one who topped the music chart.

Oh My Girl recently held their showcase for their new song, “Nonstop” in an online broadcast where they heard the news that their song topped the music chart.


But Actress Park So Hyun, who was the host for the evening, gained particular attention for crying harder than the Oh My Girl members themselves.

As soon as the news broke out, Park So Hyun teared up and expressed, “I’ve never seen a showcase like this. Congratulations, Oh My Girl.

She continued, “Many groups worked hard to prepare, but it’s not easy to get 1st place on the charts just 2 hours after the song’s release.

While shedding more tears, Park So Hyun explained why she was so touched by their accomplishment.

I know just how slowly and surely they walked to come this far. So I really want to congratulate them.

– Park So Hyun

The sincere tears shed by a “sunbae” and an “unnie” of Oh My Girl was enough to warm the hearts of everybody watching.

Check out the song, “Nonstop”, which topped the music chart in Korea below:

Source: Insight