Netizens Are Divided After Korean Comedian Spills On How He Got Together With His Wife Who Is 23 Years Younger

We wish them a happy life together!

Comedian Park Soo Hong, who previously made headline news in Korea with his family’s controversy, recently held a wedding ceremony with his wife, Kim Da Ye. The couple also appeared on TV Chosun’s Chosun’s Romantist, and shared their full love story. Let’s take a look at both Park Soo Hong and Kim Da Ye’s perspectives of how they met!

Starting with Park’s perspective, he revealed that he first met her at an event as his junior’s girlfriend’s acquaintance. He stated, “Her first impression was really cold. People usually start a conversation with me first, but she was quiet. So I started talking first, but she didn’t smile.” Regardless, he wanted to see her again and asked his junior to see if they could have a meal together.

He added that he revealed his feelings for her but she didn’t open up to him for almost a year.

On the other hand, Kim Da Ye shared her perspective. She stated, “I was 27 at the time and not interested because I was young. He was different from what I imagined celebrities to be. I thought he was acting, so we stayed acquaintances for a year.”

But during that year, she went through a tough time and it was then that she realized that he was the only one there for her.

After graduating college, I was busy working multiple jobs and he would give me rides after work. He later revealed that he was sad that I went home without having dinner with him. Honestly, I didn’t know because I wasn’t interested in him.

But after a year, I finally opened up. I went through a tough time in 2019, and he was the only one by my side. He didn’t change for a year so I started to think he was being genuine. That’s when we started dating.


However, the love story received mixed reactions from netizens, considering their age gap.

| theqoo
  • “The two are happy together, is there really a need to talk about the age gap? They overcame obstacles i order to be together, we should just congratulate them.”
  • “It’s fine that they are happy together, but did it really need to be broadcast on TV. I’m worried that strange people will do this to young girls considering there are a lot of crazy people in this world.”
  • “Wow he followed a 20-something girl for a year??”
  • “What’s with the comments? Can’t we just think that he must have been that genuine? I don’t get why this couple is getting bashed…just slam on the crazy guys.”
Source: theqoo
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