The K-Drama Actress Who Exposed An Affair And Ruined A Friendship

She encountered an unexpected plot twist in real life.

Infidelity is a common theme in K-Dramas, but unfortunately, sometimes these fictional plot lines also happen in real life.

Actor Kim Young Min and actress Kim Hee Ae in “The World of the Married”

When actress Park Sun Young appeared on My Little Old Boy, she shared a real-life experience of having witnessed an affair.

Park Sun Young

In the popular TV show The World of the Married, Park Sun Young played the role of a friend who knew about the female lead’s husband’s affair but kept it a secret from her friend.

When asked what she would have done in her character’s place, Park Sun Young made the shocking confession that it actually happened to her in real life. She explained that it did not go how she thought it would when she told her friend the truth.

I’ve actually witnessed a friend’s husband’s affair.

After much thought, I told my friend that her husband was cheating on her. I thought they would get a divorce. But they didn’t, and she continued to live with him in pain.

— Park Sun Young

Kim Young Min and Park Sun Young in “The World of the Married”

She added that her decision to tell her friend actually backfired on her.

That friend is still living in pain to this day. After I did that, it was our friendship that ended.

– Park Sun Young

After hearing the story, the panel even advised, “It’s best not to get involved in other people’s family matters.”

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