Cardi B Tries out a Popular Korean Snack at Myungrang Hot Dog in LA

A Korean part-timer working there posted about having met Cardi B.

Recently, a Korean part-timer working at Myungrang Hot Dog in LA posted about having met Cardi B, who visited the shop to try out the popular Korean snack.

The post is titled, “I Work at Myungrang Hot Dog in America, and I Saw Cardi B“, and according to the part-timer, Cardi B tried out mozzarella hot dog at the popular chain.

I work part time Myungrang Hot Dog in America, and I saw Cardi B. I think she ordered the potato hot dog with mozarella with sugar on top. It sound ridiculous just writing about it. I don’t remember exactly what she ordered. It must have been the mozarella.

– Part-Timer

And what confirmed that this was true was Cardi B’s Instagram Live featuring the Korean hot dogs as well as spicy rice cakes.

She even posted a photo of the Korean-style hot dogs on Twitter and captioned it, “SOOO GOOD.

Just last year, Cardi B expressed her love for Korean food by sharing a video of herself eating spicy chicken feet.

After seeing just how much Cardi B loves Korean food, fans are responding with comments such as “Cardi B must be well-suited for Korean food“, “Myungrang hot dog is the bestand “She seems to be obsessed with Myungrang hot dogs, too“.

Cardi B definitely knows where it’s at!

Source: Insight