Past Fancams Reveal The Outrageous Way Lee Jonghyun Treats His Fans

His rude behaviour didn’t go unnoticed.

CNBLUE‘s Lee Jonghyun has been in the public eye these past weeks due to his involvement with the hidden camera controversy, where various idols shared hidden camera footage and messages with sexual content in a KakaoTalk groupchat.

After admitting to have watched the illegally filmed videos Jung Joon Young and others uploaded in their KakaoTalk group, a chat involving Jonghyun and Joon Young was revealed, in the chat they would boast about their sexual activities in an unpleasant way.

Recently, old footage of CNBLUE greeting and reacting to their fans has resurfaced.

In the videos it’s possible to see how the rest of the group’s members appear to be very excited to see their fans. That’s not the case for Jonghyun, who walks past his fans on the streets, and looks ready to flee the venues where they were performing seconds ago.


He’s the only one who doesn’t nod or wave, while the other members even throw hand kisses at the fans attending a Fanmeeting at Busan.


He quickly walks passed CNBLUE’s Yonghwa, who was interacting with their fans.


While all the other members were waving at BOICEs after performing in their 8th Anniversary Fanmeeting, we can see how Jonghyun waves once and then leaves.


Lee Jonghyun hasn’t resigned from the music industry and is still a member of CNBLUE.

Source: THEQOO