Past Footage of BOL4’s Woo Ji Yoon Being Called Pretty Resurfaces Online

It was recently announced that Woo Ji Yoon will be leaving BOL4.

In light of the recent news that Woo Ji Yoon will be leaving BOL4, netizens began to come up with speculations for why she made that decision.

Following the news, netizens pointed to footage of photos to claim that Woo Ji Yoon was neglected and mistreated compared to her bandmate, Ahn Ji Young.

Netizens Believe They Uncovered Evidence Of Former BOL4’s Woo Ji Yoon Being Mistreated

But what also resurfaced was a past video of Woo Ji Yoon getting called pretty while on stage.

The shared footage was filmed back in 2017 during a concert in Incheon, Korea.

Due to a wardrobe malfunction, Ahn Ji Young took a trip to backstage, and meanwhile, Woo Ji Yoon entertained the fans when one fan shouted, “You’re prettier today!

In response, Woo Ji Yoon shyly smiled and said thank you.

After that, Woo Ji Yoon sang a bit of “Sometimes” for her fans and elicited cheers from the crowd.

Fans who saw the footage responded with comments such as “Her voice is so pretty“, “I wish she’d sing more often“, and “She really is pretty“.

The video is continuing to circulate online with fans expressing that she didn’t get the credit that she deserved during her time with BOL4.

Check out the full clip below:

Source: Insight