Past Interview of BLACKPINK’s Lisa Resurfaces in Light of Her Ex-Manager’s Scam Controversy

Lisa confessed to having gone through a rough patch recently.

In light of the unfortunate news that BLACKPINK‘s Lisa was scammed for nearly ₩1 Billion KRW (~$800,000 USD) by her ex-manager, a past interview of Lisa talking about a rough patch she went through resurfaced in online communities.


Last January, Lisa spoke in an interview with Elle where she answered various questions about herself.



But there’s one answer, in particular, that is gaining particular attention in light of the recent news.

When asked about what she did for the happiness of the health of her mind and body, she confessed that she was going through a hard time.

Something bad happened to me recently, so I hugged my cat. And that relieved my stress completely. I think cats know that well. When their owner feels down, they let you hug them, it made me feel better.

– Lisa

But she maintained a bright smile throughout the interview.

When asked about which words made her happy, Lisa answered,

My mom asked me, ‘Are you happy right now?’ Hearing that made me feel happy.

– Lisa

It was recently revealed that Lisa was scammed by her ex-manager, who took her money and claimed that he would look for real estate for her but spent it on gambling instead.

Although there is no certainty whether she was talking about that ordeal in the interview, the clip is currently trending online out of speculation that there might be a connection.

Check out the full interview below:

Source: Dispatch