Past Interview of YG Surfaces After Announcement of New 2018 Girl Group Plans

YG Entertainment did not reveal concrete details regarding the project but they did confirm their plans for a new group in 2018.

“We’re expecting to launch a new girl group in 2018.

Yang Hyun Suk is producing this in top secret, so nothing about their plans or concept has been revealed.”

— YG Entertainment Representative

YG Reveals Plans To Debut A New Girl Group In 2018, BLACKPINK fans furious

After announcing plans for a new girl group, countless people voiced their opinions regarding the news and it was clear that it was very mixed.

Some were positive, some were uninterested and most were a combination of anger and confusion. 


Due to the controversy of a new girl group, a past interview of Yang Hyun Suk talking about girl groups has resurfaced.The interview was conducted by Yonhap news and in the interview, he specifically talks about girl groups

In the interview, YG admits that Park Jin Young makes better girl groups than him. 

He also talked about the importance of being different and diverse. 

“He [JYP] is still active as a singer and is a great producer and composer.

TWICE is really popular nowadays and, one day in the waiting room for K-Pop Star, I told him ‘You make better girl groups than me’.

But JYP’s groups Wonder Girls and TWICE have very different styles compared to YG’s 2NE1 and BLACKPINK, so in regards to girl group diversity, it seems like a good thing [to be different].”

— Yang Hyun Suk

Many people said they did not believe YG would make a better group than BLACKPINK or a better group than his competitors. 

Others also mentioned that maybe this future female group will be very different compared to BLACKPINK due to his past interview. 

Regardless of everything, only plans for a new girl group in 2018 were announced and nothing more – only time will show how this new project turns out. 

Source: Yonhap News