Past Photos of Boy Group Member Go Viral for Being the Definition of “Glow Up”

Netizens can’t get over the contrast.

The past photos of a boy group member are going viral online for how contrasting it is to his current visuals.

The boy group member in question is UNVS‘s Eunho, and fans can’t believe that it’s really him in the childhood photos.

In the photos, Eunho can be seen looking quite different in terms of facial features and physique.

In response to the past photos, netizens have been leaving comments such as “Did he get plastic surgery?“, “He had a serious glow up“, and “I can’t recognize him just from looking at his past photos“.

Following the controversy, UNVS’s agency stated, “Eunho completed his current visuals by dieting and nothing else. Even now, he undergoes intense training to show off an even more perfect visual, and in order to do that, he works out hard every single day.

Whatever the case, Eunho’s huge transformation from boy to man is making netizens praise the idol for accomplishing such a glow up.

Some are even calling him a lottery ticket that had yet to be scratched!

But all that matters now is that he continues to work hard toward his dreams.

Props to Eunho for his massive transformation!

Source: Insight