PENTAGON Charted In MelOn’s Top 100 For The First Time Ever

Congratulations, PENTAGON!

PENTAGON‘s latest bop “Shine” made it on to MelOn’s Top 100 chart and fans are celebrating!


For the first time since the group’s debut in 2016, PENTAGON broke into MelOn’s Top 100 Chart, ranking in at #95. PENTAGON’s official Twitter account shared news of “Shine” being on the chart between 8-9AM KST of May 1st, 2018.


While “charting in” is meaningful for all K-Pop idols, it is even bigger of a deal especially for PENTAGON, because of the goal set by the group at the time of releasing the track. At their comeback showcase in April, Jinho said the group’s goal is to put “Shine” on the charts.

“Honestly, and desperately, our goal is to go on the chart.” — Jinho


Members Kino and Hongseok celebrated the group’s goal accomplishment by tweeting a screenshot of the track listed as #95 on MelOn player.

“[#Kino] I don’t think I’ll be able to sleep T-T I love you, I love universe (fans) so much.” 


When “Shine” first came out beginning of April, the track started off around the #200’s. The song dropped as far as the #500’s at one point, but as word got out the song is a bop, it steadily climbed back up to #186.

The song began trending all throughout the month of April, not only because it’s a fun hip song, but also because more K-Pop idols spotted dancing along to the bop!


Since the news broke, “Shine” has reached even higher on the charts!


Of course, with this glorious achievement, fans are busy celebrating!


Need to listen to it now? This way to the new chart-breaker!

Source: Newsen and VOP