Hui’s Surprise Text Message To PENTAGON’s Manager Proves He Truly Is The Most Caring Leader Around

Their manager was truly touched by his message:

While it’s certainly no secret that PENTAGON‘s Hui is an amazing leader and truly cares about every single person on his team, Hui recently surprised his manager with a message so heartfelt that you’ll be wondering, “What in the world did we do to deserve him!”

Not too long ago, Kino introduced Universe to PENTAGON’s manager Kim Jin Soo through M2‘s My Entourage, a show that focuses on highlighting and introduces fans to some of the star team members behind their favorite groups.

After Kino had established just how long Jin Soo has known PENTAGON, he pulled out the hard questions and asked Jin Soo if there were was a member that he still felt awkward around.

If you had to choose one member, who are you still awkward around?

— Kino

After thinking over his answer, Jin Soo eventually revealed that he still feels a little awkward around Hui because he simply hasn’t gotten the chance to know him well yet!

For me, it’s Hui. Hui is always in his studio…

— Kim Jin Soo, PENTAGON’s manager

Hearing his answer, Kino thought he’d have a little fun with his manager hyung and asked Jin Soo to send Hui a quick text message telling him that he loved him!

In that case, how about sending him a message saying that you love him? (Write) I love you hyung with an exclamation mark!

— Kino

While Jin Soo wasn’t confident that Hui would reply to his message when Kino went back to check a few questions later, he discovered that Hui had not only replied but he’d sent an absolutely amazing message to Jin Soo!

You sent a message to Hui earlier on. Everyone, we received a reply. It’s an amazing reply!

— Kino

In reply to Jin Soo’s original text, Hui showered his manager with a whole lot of love, thanked him for taking care of PENTAGON, and showed his appreciation for all the hard work Jin Soo does.

Jin soo-ya, thank you. You really worked hard. As the youngest manager, having to take care of everything, thank you. Always stay strong and I love you. Work hard and succeed, thank you.

— Kino, reading Hui’s message

Hui’s response came as such a surprise to their manager that he couldn’t help feeling touched by the message.

Firstly, towards Hui hyung, I feel ashamed. I feel a little taken aback. This was my first time receiving such a long message. I will find you soon, love you.

— Kim Jin Soo

With a single heartwarming message to their manager, Hui once again proved that he is truly the most caring leader around!