PENTAGON’s Kino Couldn’t Hide His Excitement When His Manager Busted Out The Moves To “Dr. BeBe”

He was so excited he couldn’t sit still!

Kino was already super pumped to introduce PENTAGON‘s Kim Jin Soo manager to fans through M2‘s My Entourage but when his manager busted out the moves to “Dr. BeBe”, well, Kino simply couldn’t hold in his excitement any longer!

From the moment the slate was clapped and Jin Soo manager made his initial introduction to Universe, Kino was all hyped up for all the fun that the two were going to have together on the program.

With Kino already filled to the brim with excitement, it soon spilled over with one question! Kicking the fun off, Kino asked Jin Soo manager if he could possibly show a short snippet of choreography from “Dr. BeBe”.

If you could, could you show a short snippet of ‘Dr. BeBe’ choreography? While looking at the mirror, did you dance to the choreography? Did you shoot the gun?

— Kino

With a little bit of encouragement, his manager was soon flawlessly showing the shooting move and Kino was doing his very own shooting move — shooting straight out of his seat from excitement!

After experiencing that rush of happiness at his manager’s moves, Kino was determined to teach him even more of their key point choreography moves. As his manager mirrored Kino, Kino once again couldn’t hide his reaction and was seriously impressed with his moves!

Kino and Jin Soo manager are definitely the cutest duo! But Kino’s adorable reaction to witnessing his manager bust out the moves to “Dr. BeBe” weren’t the only moments the two shared that will make you feel extra soft, so make sure you check out the full video below!