PENTAGON Reveal Each Other’s Habits That Fans May Not Know About

We didn’t know about these!

On an episode of HANBAM‘s “Never Stop Being A Fan” interview series on YouTube, PENTAGON revealed some of their members’ habits and tendencies that fans may not know about!

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During one segment, they were asked to point out each other’s habits and illustrate them. Yan An was the first to answer, revealing that Hongseok has a habit of kicking his legs when he sits down!

“Maybe it’s because his thighs are thick,” he said before re-enacting it, causing his members to burst out laughing.

They even caught him doing it during the video!

Next was Hongseok, exposing one of Shinwon‘s habits.

While they practice, he loves to poke, prod and push around the members!

Wooseok, Kino and Hongseok re-created his actions and all the members agreed that they hate when he does it!

Hongseok then went on to expose one of Kino’s habits, which was a certain facial expression he makes while he practices.

| Hongseok imitating Kino.

His imitation was strikingly similar!

| The original expression.

In another segment, the members were asked to reveal each other’s unusual personality traits, and then that member would have to do the opposite! Shinwon revealed that he’s never heard Yuto shout when he’s angry. Kino agreed, saying “He does get angry from time to time, but never shouts.”

Upon the MC’s request, Yuto pretended to get angry with Shinwon and yelled at him–which was absolutely terrifying. Thank gosh Yuto doesn’t ever yell!

Kino was eager to go next and expose himself! He said that he rarely ever listens to what his hyungs want him to do, so Hongseok told him to go get the thermos from across the room. All the members were shocked when he actually listened!

He then illustrated how it usually is: Hongseok asked him to go return the thermos and he replied with a sassy “You have your own hands and feet.”

PENTAGON certainly don’t hold back when it comes to exposing their members’–or their own–habits!

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