“Penthouse” Actress Han Ji Hyun Is Garnering Attention For Her Stunning Visuals

Netizens think she could be an idol!

The mega hit Korean drama Penthouse has been the talk of the town for its insane plot line and the amazing actors who portray these crazy characters for the drama. One actress in particular is garnering some heavy attention for her beautiful visuals!


Actress Han Ji Hyun, who plays Joo Seok Kyung is getting some positive attention for her idol-like looks. Her pale complexion and feminine features have been captivating the viewers of the drama.

| @hanjiji54/Instagram

With her big doe-like eyes and small face, it’s no wonder netizens are drawn to her beauty. I mean look at her, she’s beautiful!

| @hanjiji54/Instagram

In this photo, the gorgeous actress can be seen showing off her insane beauty in a sequin gown. With her hair tucked back, you can really see how stunning she looks. Her beauty is maximized with minimal makeup, really emphasizing her natural features.

| @hanjiji54/Instagram

Showing off her mint ice cream cone, Han Ji Hyun shows off her perfect complexion and her even more perfect nose. It’s no wonder netizens are comparing her visuals to those of an idol member!

| Insight

We totally understand why everyone is obsessed with this actress. She’s absolutely beautiful! You can catch the stunning actress and her acting abilities in the intense Korean drama Penthouse, which airs every Monday and Tuesday.

Source: Insight