“Penthouse” Han Ji Hyun May Scare You As Joo Seok Kyung But In Real Life She’s A Total Softie

Her reverse charms are no joke.

If you’ve tuned in to Penthouse, you’d probably know just how scary the character Joo Seok Kyung is. Played by rising rookie Han Ji Hyun, the character is one full of spite and hatred. From tormenting her classmates Bae Ro Na and Yoo Jenny, she instigates conflict and violence.

Her death glares are one of the scariest in the show.

In season one, her bullying pushed Min Seol Ah to the edge.

Although the character of Joo Seok Kyung is not the most moral one, many fans have been expressing their love for the actress herself, Han Ji Hyun. Fans have realized that contrary to her role on the show, Han Ji Hyun herself is lovely.

During an interview, the staff asked her to reenact the scene in the show where she imitates Ha Eun Byul.

However, she denied politely, claiming that the actress that plays Eun Byul (Choi Ye Bin) may feel hurt over it. In fact, before she carried out the scene, she made sure to apologize to Choi Ye Bin in advance.

She also stole hearts with her rendition of the trending TikTok, Sakuranbo.

| @hanjiji54/Instagram 

Catch the full clip below.

Don’t let her scary role fool you, Han Ji Hyun is a certified cutie!