“Penthouse” Joo Dan Tae’s Actor Uhm Ki Joon Totally Looked Like An Idol When He Was Younger

He could’ve been an idol!

For those that are avid K-Drama lovers, you might know of Uhm Ki Joon for his iconic role as Joo Dan Tae in Penthouse. While he looks like this now…

…he actually looked very idol-esque in the past! While his features and skills have matured as an actor, many netizens were surprised to uncover his past photos. He looked totally fresh-faced and innocent back then.

Many praised him and claimed that he could slap any modern day idol out of the water with his teenage visuals. This was a photograph taken back when he was active in the theater scene.

As he made his start on Daehak-ro, the famous street for theater plays in Seoul, a quick flip through old program books and you might discover and old picture of Uhm Ki Joon.

It’s safe to say that he has aged like fine wine for he is just as handsome today!

Source: FM Korea