People Allegedly Cursed Out Cho Seungyeon (WOODZ) When He Was Called As A Debut Member For X1

They were cursing at him as he walked the stage.

During the finale of Produce X 101, Cho Seungyeon was called as the 5th member to join the final debut line-up of X1. When he was called, he did not shed a tear and walked to the front with a calm expression.

When he got on stage to deliver his speech, he was very composed. He even comforted Son Dongpyo, who cried after he was called.

According to people who were at the live broadcast, however numerous antis were shouting insults and Cho Seungyeon and swearing at him. A lot of the insults had to do with his mother, as he was raised by his mom alone after his father’s death.

Some of the things the haters said included personal attacks at his family.

He is the reason why his dad died.

— Anti

Aren’t kid of single-parents always the ones with a severe lack of attention?

— Anti

Those who watched the finale live in the studio said that the swearing was so intense, if Mnet were to play it, it would have caused a controversies. They also stated that it was probably loud enough for Seungyeon to hear as he walked to the main stage.

Some other hurtful things antis said include hoping Seungyeon dies, even bringing up the death of late SHINee member Jonghyun.

You can just tell that Seungyeon will end up like SHINee’s Jonghyun.

— Anti

Is there any possibility that Seungyeon could die of a mysterious death?

— Anti

People are also saying that when the cameras panned to trainers Lee Seok Hoon and Cheetah, they seemed surprised with how loud the cursing was. Cho Seungyeon could be seen crying after the live broadcast.

Fans of Seungyeon have since come out to support him. Many have referenced his past controversy with his song lyrics, but now that he has changed and is a different person now. Fans are also saying to be more humane, and that no one would like being cursed at in such a way.