“Produce X 101” Contestant Faces Criticism for Controversial Rap Lyrics That He Wrote in the Past

Jo Seungyeon has been receiving a lot of love for his looks and talent, but there’s been some criticism as well.

Produce X 101 contestant, Jo Seungyeon is currently receiving a lot of attention for his dashing good looks and outstanding talent, but he is also facing criticism from some viewers regarding some rap lyrics that he wrote in the past.

Back in 2014, Jo Seungyeon debuted with the 5-member group, UNIQ in which he wrote rap lyrics for the song, “Body to Body”.

The song, which was released in 2016, contained the lyrics, “Your solid body makes me go crazy. My hard body part wants you bad. Shake your booty for me.

These lyrics raised some issues when it was released, and it has stirred up controversy once more following Jo Seungyeon’s appearance on Mnet’s Produce X 101.

Some viewers stress that the past is the past while others raise the concern that lyrics suggesting sexual objectification can be problematic.

Regardless of the mixed opinions, Jo Seungyeon has been consistently improving on the idol survival show and even made it to the debut group with the show nearing its conclusion.

Source: Insight