Fans Are Calling MONSTA X Hyungwon An Actual Living Demigod

Fans have taken to referring MONSTA X’s class A visual Hyungwon as a demigod.

This is due mostly to his visuals, his never ending list of talents, and his insane popularity.

Some fans believe Hyungwon’s looks could only have been from Gods – specifically Aphrodite, the Goddess of love.

Others are certain Hyungwon is demigod due to his power to create instantly viral memes.

No mere human alone can make this many instantly relatable memes.

Others believe he’s a demigod because of his skill mastery.

His gorgeous dancing abilities, for example…


….his godly singing voice….

… DJing under his DJ name H_ONE…

and his ability to own a runway like it’s his second home.

Now, all that’s left to discover is which of the God’s he comes from (and why they were kind enough to put him on Earth).

Or maybe he’s not a demigod… maybe he’s a real life Disney prince.

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