People Are Finding Maggots In SM Cafe Food

A fan received a cookie from SUM Market after purchasing an album from the store.

Image: My Fat Pocket

To her surprise, she found maggots from the cookie only after almost eating the whole biscuit.

“S**t. SM go die. A bug came out of the cookie. I didn’t even know and found out when I was almost done.”

— @Cracker_cy

The cookie is a SUM Cafe product, which is SM Entertainment’s café branch.

After posting about the incident on social media, other customers revealed that they had trouble with SUM products before too.

“[Bugs] came out of the NCT ones too”

— Netizen

“Omg… tell me it wasn’t a rumor… last time someone found a knife in the apple cookie, but it was ruled as false…”

— Netizen

Fans of the company are trying not to blame SM Entertainment but the factory that produced these cookies.

SM Entertainment has yet to comment on the issue.

Image: Zhongwhen Astro

Source: Instiz