People Are Going Crazy Over BTS Jungkook’s Visuals During Their Riyadh Concert


Recently, BTS held their first concert in Saudi Arabia, greeting fans in Riyadh. There, Jungkook left everyone shook with his gorgeous visuals.

People are commenting on how good he looks with his long, flowy hair. Many agree that that the look definitely suits him, which is quite a feat, since not many people can pull it off.

The golden maknae is receiving praise for looking both handsome and pretty. He has the ability to look both masculine and feminine, and many compliment the androgynous beauty his long hair brings.

ARMYs are hoping that Jungkook maintains this hair style until their next comeback, saying that out of all the ‘dos he rocked, this one is the best. Many agree that it highlights how handsome he is, proven by BTS’s and Jungkook’s performance in Riyadh.

He’s seriously the definition of handsome and pretty.

– Korean Netizen

Source: Pann