People Wanted Their Photos Edited…What They Received Left Them Speechless

On Facebook, there’s a famous Facebook page that offers special services for free. The admin of the page take in photoshop requests and service the people for free. But the results may not always be what the people had in mind..

The page “Free Phoshop” or “포토샵 해드려요” in Korean began going viral on Korean humor sites a few years back. The sense of humor the admin showed while adhering to the words of the request still have people literally ‘ROFL’ ing at times.


“Free Photoshop”‘s Facebook page

1. “We took this photo in China but it doesn’t really seem like it can you photoshop it so we look like we’re in China?”

orig 1
“It doesn’t get more authentic than this”



(Can you spot both of them in all 3 pictures?)

2. “This picture makes me look like a pervert could you make me look more innocent please?”

“We put in a unicorn in there, the symbol of purity and innocence”


3. “I was trying to look sexy in this photo but it just doesn’t cut it can you make me look sexier?”

orig 3
“I have equipped you with the sexiest weapons imaginable”


4. “I want this picture to look more dynamic like a scene out of a movie”

orig 4
“We photoshopped your picture to look like a scene from a movie both action and romance packed”


5. “I look really awkward here could you make me look a bit more professional and intense?”

orig 5
“We didn’t know what you would prefer so we decided to give you several options”







6. “There’s too many people in the background it’s distracting could you get rid of them for us?”

orig 9
“We removed every ‘person’ in the background for you”



7. “Could you change the settings and make it look like I got my picture taken by a paparazzi?”

orig 8


(Can you spot the lady?)

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