This Is How Perfect HQ Fantaken Pictures of Idols Are Really Taken

When you’re looking at HD airport photos of your favorite idol, you might not think about how they’re taken, but you might see them differently when you see what really goes into getting those perfect photos.

Fans have to fight their way to the front of the crowd to get the perfect photo, which can often make idols uncomfortable (or even hurt them) especially if they get too close. 

Many fans who take airport photos will follow the idol around and invade their personal space to get the best photos possible.

Imagine just trying to relax while waiting for your flight and having people taking endless amounts of photos of you from less than 20 feet away.

Not all HD photos of idols, however, are the result of fans invading their personal space.

Many of the popular fansite admins utilize what has been nicknamed ‘Cannon Cameras’ for their resemblance to a large cannon to take high quality photos of their biases from far away.

Some of them even have cameras that are beyond what some professional photographers use.