Photoshopped Photos of Irene Are Going Viral for How Amazing She Looks With Short Hair

Fans are waiting for the day Irene cuts her hair short.

A post containing photoshopped photos of Red Velvet‘s Irene is going viral for how amazing she looks with short hair.

Irene has always been known to flaunt her long hair along with her stunning visuals and gorgeous physique.

But considering how naturally beautiful Irene is, fans wanted to find out how she’d look with short hair, and the results of photoshopping her photos were phenomenal.

As expected, she absolutely kills it with short hair.

The short hair allows fans to focus more on Irene’s natural beauty, making her look features look even more like that of an anime character.

The final products were so shocking that other fans have been joining in on photoshopping her images.

It’s to the point where fans are wondering why Irene never pulled off the short do, to begin with.

Those who saw the photos for the first time responded with comments such as “Irene’s is so damned pretty“, “She’s pretty no matter what“, and “Please cut your hair for real“.

Check out some more photos of photoshopped Irene below:

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