Photo of BTS’s back dancers goes viral because of their good looks

A recent photo from backstage at BTS‘s solo concert in Seoul has fans speculating about the BTS’s upcoming brother group.

The group utilized dozens of backup dancers for the variety of stages they planned for fans at their solo tour WINGS. Among all of the dancers, fans noticed that some seemed quite young and talented, prompting rumors that they could be trainees at Big Hit Entertainment. It’s not uncommon for companies to use trainees as backup dancers, as it has proven to be a great way for them to start building exposure for these trainees, as well as give them some experience in performing in front of fans as well.

With BTS having been so incredibly successful, fans are expecting Big Hit Entertainment to debut another male group too. While some photos of the company’s trainees have been released in the past, these new photos have once again sparked conversation about the future of the company and a potential brother group for BTS.

BTS recently finished their Seoul concerts and is currently ready to start their South American leg of their world tour.

Watch a performance from the concert featuring some of the backup dancers below: