Fans Can’t Tell If This Photo Is Red Velvet’s Irene Or Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon

Heckin bamboozled!

A photo popped up on a Korean online community where fans of Red Velvet and Girls’ Generation began to debate if it was Irene or Taeyeon!

The photo in question was a beautiful visual goddess covering up half of her face with her long, brown hair.

Many claimed it was clearly Irene and no matter how they looked at it, it was only Irene!

“I’m a Taeyeon fan but this is clearly Irene.. How can you not tell? They’re both cute thoughㅎ”

“Are you kidding? It’s Irene no matter how you look at it”

“How can you mistake this photo as Taeyeon?”

“It’s Irene no matter what… I would have been more confused if you said it was Goo Hara”

“Isn’t it Irene? I don’t see Taeyeon at all”

“I just think it’s Irene…”

— Netizens

But others claimed it looked like Taeyeon who took a photo at an angle that made her look like Irene!

“?? I scrolled down thinking so sure that this is Taeyeon??”

“It’s Taeyeon but she just looks like Irene in this photo~”

“I swear on myself that this is Taeyeonㅋㅋ”

“I scrolled up and down 3 times and I can only see Taeyeon. How can it be Irene???”

“I say Taeyeon!!! is how I initially thought when I first saw it…ㅋ”

“Even if I tell myself it’s Irene, it clearly looks like Taeyeon…”

“I can only see Taeyeon in that photo”

— Netizens

The answer is… Irene! Irene posted the photos to her Instagram in a series of beautiful photos of herself getting glammed up for another busy day of appearances and performances!

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But those who believed it was Taeyeon can rest assured as the two SM goddesses are often mistaken for each other! They share similar facial features at certain angles and expressions that they’re often called “SM Sisters”.

But not only do they have similar features, but they also have similar personalities! The two became close as they frequently meet up at events and grace the world with their visual duo!

Source: Nate Pann