This photographer is impossible to tell apart from IU

This Korean photographer looks identical to IU and it’s tripping everyone out.

Kim Chung Ah, a South Korean photographer, has been getting a lot of attention online for her incredible resemblance to IU. From her eyes to her nose to the shape of her lips, all of her physical features match the LOEN Entertainment singer’s perfectly.

Pictures from Chung Ah’s personal Instagram were posted in an online message board and, after taking a look at them, most netizens couldn’t tell that the images were not, in fact, of IU.

Kim Chung Ah (Left) and IU (Right).

When comparing the two side-by-side, their similarities are clear, the two even share similar poses and expressions.

Check out some more pictures of the beautiful Kim Chung Ah and see if you don’t find yourself getting confused:

It’s strange to think that this isn’t IU, but it’s actually Kim Chung Ah!
Still Kim Chung Ah.
No matter the situation and style, the similarities remain.
As a photographer, Chung Ah knows her way around a camera and, even on the other side of the lens, she’s a true professional.
This looks like it could be one of IU’s album covers. Nope, still Kim Chung Ah.
With each facial feature nearly identical to IU’s, it’s almost impossible to tell the difference.

Source: Dispatch

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