BTS Just Moved To A New Building, Here’s What Their New Home Looks Like

Concept photos of Big Hit Entertainment‘s new studio in Gangnam have been revealed, and it looks fantastic.

Big Hit Entertainment recently revealed they will be moving to a new studio in Gangnam, and interior design firm, 2WAVE STUDIO, have just released their concept photos of the new office’s design.

Their new studio has a very modern and minimalistic style to it, with plenty of room for the members of BTS to practice their choreographies more comfortably. Furthermore, according to an office rental partner’s blog, Big Hit Entertainment may have decided to move to a bigger office, suggesting they may be training more artists and idols.

Check out the photos of their awesome new studio here!

Only bigger and better stages will come from these studios!
Their practice area looks huge.
Big Hit’s artists will have ample space to practice and perfect their performances.
The simplicity of their studio makes it look super trendy.
The ferns give the studio a nice pop of color.