These Photos Prove That Jisoo and Her Umbrella Have a Special Connection

Their chemistry is undeniable.

In recent months, BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo posted quite a few photos of herself that looked like they were taken in a professional photo shoot.

They were just ordinary photos that were taken in a casual setting, but something made them really highlight her beauty.

What does stand out in these photos is the way she’s seen posing with her umbrella.

It can’t be denied that Jisoo looks spectacular in pretty much any photo, but this prop boosted her photos to a whole new level.

It’s not just the way the umbrella frames her face, but it’s how natural she looks while posing with it.

She also took a photo with Lisa under her umbrella, and the very pleased look on her face can’t be described with words.

In an older post, Jisoo was seen with another umbrella in photos taken with Jennie.

The caption reads, “Jennie, can I have some of the umbrella, too?” and the photos show Jisoo looking sad to be so distant from it.

These photos suggest Jisoo’s love for her umbrella, and how natural and beautiful she looks with it is undeniable.

Source: Special Economy


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