These Photos Of BTS’s Jimin Flipping Over J-Hope Will Leave You Speechless

This is what trust looks like.

During the choreography of BTS‘s “We Are Bulletproof Pt.2”, there’s a move that Jimin was always afraid of doing.

After years of performing it though, Jimin nails it perfectly every time without any problems. It’s the move where he flips over J-Hope.

bts j-hope

And, there’s photos of him performing the move that are making fans appreciate all of the hard work they put into making it perfect.

bts jimin j-hope bts jimin j-hope

Although the move happens quickly, there’s a strong level of trust between them to get the timing just right so that none of them get hurt. It’s taken years for them to make it look so effortless, and that’s the beauty of BTS.

bts jimin j-hope

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