Photos Of IU In Different Time Periods Prove Just How Timeless Her Beauty Is

IU’s beauty blends in perfectly with the Joseon era as well as right now in the modern day.

The producers of tvN’s Hotel Del Luna surprised viewers with multiple photos of IU‘s character, Jang Man Wol during different time periods.

Jang Man Wol is a character that committed a great sin which prevents her from dying, and the photos shared by tvN share the journey that this character experienced during a long period of time.

The photos show Jang Man Wol posing from back in the Joseon era to the modern times, and if there’s one common characteristic among the photos, it’s that her beauty fits into every one of them.

The photo from 1897 shows Jang Man Wol sitting gracefully in a hanbok, while the photo from the Japanese colonial era shows her wearing a more modern outfit.

As time went on, Jang Man Wol changed her style to fit the era, but the way IU shined brightly in every single photo made them almost look like pictorial shots in a magazine.

This just goes to prove that IU’s beauty is absolutely timeless.