These Photos Prove TWICE’s Nayeon Is The Fluffiest Person Ever

She’s got one more thing in common with her bunny nickname…

Fans have long held that TWICE‘s Nayeon looks like an adorable bunny because of her cute looks.


Even she’s admitted that she identifies as one! But it isn’t just her cute looks that make her a bunny, she’s also one of the fluffiest idols ever!


She’s got such a soft and delightful personality that you can’t help but love her.


Although she’s always incredibly sweet, fans fell for her a little bit harder at the group’s latest fansign event.


At the event, she showed off the full extent of her fluffy and loveable personality. With big smiles, she captured everyone’s hearts.


Then continued to have some of the most adorable interactions with her fans.


She also wasn’t afraid to play around with them a little too!

Again can we just appreciate how adorable she is?


And when a fan gifted her a pink bunny friend, her reaction was absolutely priceless.

Just look at how happy Nayeon is to receive a bunny as fluffy as she is!


Nayeon continued to hold onto that plushie showing the fan just how much she liked it.


And even took some pictures with it!


All her sweet gestures and smiles provided further proof that Nayeon is one of the sweetest idols around and shoed that her bunny nickname really does fit her very well.