Photos From Taeyeon’s Concert Spark Fans’ Frustration Toward SM Entertainment

“I don’t know why SM keeps underestimating…”

On January 17, 2020, Taeyeon kicked off the first of her three nights of concert “The Unseen” in Seoul.


While SONEs were thrilled to see and hear the queen live…


… they couldn’t help but become concerned for the safety of the attendees in the standing section. As these pictures of the packed concert venue began circulating online…


… Taeyeon’s fans grew upset with SM Entertainment for “underestimating Taeyeon’s power” and choosing an unfit venue.


The frustration grew as fans picked up on the news of a fan allegedly passing out in the crowded standing section. One fan even shared a picture from a previous Taemin concert in the same venue, pointing out that SM Entertainment has a long history of squeezing in too many people into too little space.

I was there today. Someone passed out even before the show started… I don’t know why SM keeps underestimating the artists and renting out tiny venues.

— Taeyeon’s Fan


The agency is yet to respond — while two more nights of the concert remain. Taeyeon fans worry that the weekend concerts will be even more crowded than the first Friday night concert, as they continue to advise each other to be careful if attending.

Source: THEQOO