The Top Two Photos Of TWICE Members That Confuse Even Fans As To Who It Is

Did you get these right?

The TWICE members all have their own distinct look and charm. However, on occasion, photos of the girls with the bottom halves of their faces covered pop up. These often confuse the heck out of everyone, even their fans! Here are the top two photos of the members that ONCEs may or may not be able to guess who they belong to.

1. Masked beauty

Look at the girl in the grey jacket far left.

Here’s a zoomed photo of her. Who do you think it is? We hedged a guess for Nayeon at first…

…but a later photograph confirmed that it was Momo. The bangs and unmistakable half-moon eyes had us fooled.

2. The infamous snowy day pic

Many ONCEs would know of this picture. Is it Tzuyu? Is it Mina? The eyebrows and eyes spell Tzuyu but the nose reminds us of Mina…

Later on, fans confirmed through Dahyun herself that it was the dubu in the photo.

She reminded fans that it was absolutely her in the photo and that she would come after everyone that guessed Mina, Tzuyu or Sana!

Were you able to get these two right?