These Photoshopped Pictures of BTS As Characters In Harry Potter Will Blow Your Mind

One BTS fan created the most magical fan-art imaginable by combining her two passions, BTS and Harry Potter.

Creating fan-art by combining the Harry Potter world with K-Pop idols seems to be gaining popularity since an EXO-L created a series of EXO-Harry Potter trailers that looked incredibly legitimate.

One ARMY did an astounding job of convincingly photoshopping the members of BTS to look like students of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. She even sorted each of the members into the various Hogwarts houses Rap Monster once said he thought they would rightfully belong.

Rap Monster believed he and Jin would be placed into Gryffindor, J-Hope and V in Hufflepuff, Jungkook in Ravenclaw, and Jimin and Suga in Slytherin.

Tumblr blogger jeonbegins is an avid fan of both BTS and Harry Potter and, upon seeing Rap Monster’s answers, she was inspired to create fan-art that combined the two to create a vision of the wizarding world that included BTS.

jeonbegins explained that creating these artworks rekindled “her passion for the Harry Potter books“, and she soon found herself “immersed back again into a world of wonder.

ARMYs and Harry Potter fans alike greatly appreciated her work, and some fans have even written fan fiction inspired by her art.

Have a look at the magical world of Harry Potter and BTS as one below:

Source: Buzzfeed